xbee3: PR and PD, pull-up/pull-down enabling/setting


I’m wondering about the PR and PD settings for my XBee3. Im using XCTU to configure. So whats the point of pull-up vs pull-down resistor enabling? my DIO6(PIN16) and DIO8 (pin9) on my XBee3 THT device outputs ~3v while I press the reset button on my breakout board, I don’t want this to happen so I thought enabling the internal pull-down resistor would fix that?

Same with my DIO3 (pin2), DIO4 (pin3), DIO12 (pin4)

my pin 2 and pin 3 are just always outputting a ~3v,

DIO3 (pin17) just stays 0v regardless of what I configure it to be or when setting it high / low with a button press…

These XBee3s boast having 15 DIO onboard… so far it seems like 5 of those DIO pins don’t like to coorperate? sup with that? the other 10 DIO do my bidding just fine when I use my python DIO setting and configuring gui button presses…

anyways for the pull down enabling question:

in xctu it implies that PD relies on what PR is set at… PR is named “Pull-up Resistor Enable”. for PR if you set a bit to 0, say bit 5 by passing FFDF… setting bit 5 to 0 should mean internal pullup is disabled… then if I set the direction with PD by passing FFDF again, that should tell bit 5 to have a pull-down direction.

is that how you set bit 5 to pull-down?

Yes, that is what the setting would mean depending on the pins configuration.

No it would not. The configuration of the internal pull up/down when put in reset state would not be in effect. You would have to use an external resistor to do that.

ok thanks,

any clue why pin 2,3,4 9, and 17 GPIOs are doing there own thing? I apply the same method to control them (as works successfully and painlessly with the other 10 of 15 GPIO pins)… xctu config, python setting…

Pins 2 and 3 are Data in and data out. Depending on which version of the XBee 3 products you have depend on pins 4, 9, and 17.

I have the XBee3 ZigBee THT PCB antenna I believe…

ok so 2 and 3 are Data in and out… but also boasted to be GPIO… so how do I use them as GPIO instead of the data in and out and how would using them as GPIO affect stuff?.. im assuming all 5 of these pins should be able to be used as GPIO without messing up its fundamental functionalities… otherwise why would xbee boast 15 DIO onboard right?

You need to set P3 and P4 to the desired value.

On boot, these pins are still used to Enter the bootloader and used as a back door into Command mode. So make sure you are not holding DIO14 low on power up or you will enter a bootloader/command mode state.