xbee's basic circuit diagram

i want to know the logic level design of the xbee sensor . where i c an the details

thank you.

Do you mean the Digi XBee Light/Temperature Sensor (XS-Z16-CB1R)? The schematic is not available publically.

The XBIB board schematics on the Digi site show you what a good XBee design is. The light or temperature sensor is a common analog cricuit with (in the case of DM900) a 3.3v reference.

If you stick a DM09 Xbee into the LTH sensor sold for ZigBee, then it works fine but the formula converting the analog input (0-1023) needs to be scaled per the 3.3v reference. The ‘Wall Router’ Wiki page explains the same forumulas with either the ZigBee 1.2v reference, or the DigiMesh 3.3v reference: http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/XBee_Wall_Router#Python_Programming_Examples