Xbees not communicating with each other

Hi, I’m building a project where two xbees hooked up to different arduinos communicate with each other using RX/TX. When I wire the TX/RX pins directly, the receiver side can read the sender side’s analog data, but the moment I hook the arduinos to the Xbee, they no longer connect. I am aware that you need to level shift the RX/TX signals before connecting them to the xbee. However, the modules used to work without level shifting only a few hours ago, so I’m not sure what is happening.
Please Help!!

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You may have damaged the modules. The XBee is generally not 5V tolerant. Connecting it to 5V will damage it.

On the Xbee module it says 5V?

What models are your XBees?
Are they configured to act as “wireless serial”?