Xbee won't communicate?

Hey guys, I’ve probably spent more than 10 hours trying to get this to work. I got 2 xbees from radioshack as a kit. I’m not exactly sure what kind they were but I can tell you what it says on the xbees when I get home from work. So my problem is I can’t get it to turn on and off a light on an arduino wirelessly (obviously). When I type something in the console it repeats it in blue (or red?). People say that means there communicating but when I send either h for high or l for low in the console (that’s how I programmed it) it doesn’t turn on or off the light. I don’t have time to rewrite the code right now but it basically got input from the serial monitor and if I sent h it turns on the led and vise versa. I checked and it works fine without the xbee but as soon as I try to go wireless it doesn’t work. Thanks in advance. Sorry I couldn’t give very much info right now.

This sounds like it is a combination of a Coding issue and addressing issue. You may want to take one of the devices out of the picture and connect the XBee to the PC and XCTU. Then use its terminal function to see if you have the same issue.