XBP09 USA / International firmware identification

Hi all

I’m wanting to implement XPB09s in a project in Australia, and the Digi certification / approval guide states that they are C-Tick approved, and an international variant obviously exists (as per HP setting in X-CTU)


What is the international variant part number? as it is unlisted, although to the best of my understanding it is merely a firmware change that prevents use of the lower portion of the band.

Can the firmware be “upgraded” to an international variant from a USA variant, or is there some inherent differences in the XBee bootloader to specify region?

I appologise if this is not the appropriate channel of communications to ask these questions.


I know it’s a late response, but I cam across this post looking for something else and just thought I’d post the response in the hope it’ll help someone someday.
The XBP09’s are firmware upgradable to an approved range in Australia/international. Firmware available from http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3541&osvid=0&type=firmware