XBP24-API-001 XB24-AWI-001, operation on io passing not consistant

Xbee S1 and XBee S1 Pro, Both set up in one to one relationship. S1 to S1 works without error. S1 Pro to S1 Pro Keeps dropping outputs. I am using DO0 thru DO2. With the configurations exactly the same with exception of address. Transmitting XBee all inputs low, inputs are configured DI[3], IC=7, I have tried multiple IR’s. Reciever Xbee is configured for DO0 thru DO2 are all DO Low[4].

I have tried multiple examples both on digi, and other sources and it still always come back that the Legacy S1 always work correctly and the S1 Pro’s drop outputs.

I am at a loss as to the problem. I am building a Remote swamp cooler controller , interfaced to an Insteon thermostat. Outputs from the thermostat are 3.3v High true.
Power supply for the transmitter is derived thru the 24vac, rectified, regulated to 12v and then passed thru an isolated dc-dc convertor providing 3.3v 303ma to the XBee.

I have also supplied power to the XBee via a mean well module supplying 3.3v 2a, with the same results.