Why is it impossible to have a 4 pins line passing with a serie1-pro whereas it is possible to do it with two serie 1 ?


I followed strictly this example :

but I extended it to 4 inputs /ouputs (D0 D1 D2 and D3)
It works very well with two serie 1 xbees but once I wrote the same AT commands to my two serie 1 PRO xbees it does not work completely.
Indeed the outputs of the D0 D1 and D3 works fine but the D2 does not work.
there are two more strange things.
the first is that it seems there is 'diaphony’somewhere because the ouput value (0 or 1) of the D2 goes crazy when the D1 or D2 are used.
the second strange thing is that when I had a look to the UART output, the 4 switches I used to triggered the inputs worked perfectly.
the problem seems to exist only on the physical outputs of the line passing.

Do you have an idea about what is going on ?



Have you looked at the PR command to see how the lines are being held?


I thank you for your answer.
Are you talking about the pull up settings ?
I don’t use them, instead I am using some 10k resistance in order to do an equivalent.

When I use the same exact xbee AT settings with two serie 1 xbees everything is fine. (I have a line passing with the D0, D1, D2 and D3 pins)

When I use a serie pro as the base and either a serie 1 or a serie 1 pro as the remote I only have a 3 pins line passing.
Sometimes nothing on the output of the missing pin sometimes a crazy 0/1 very fast changing value.

I am going to test the other outputs. I hope I can find at least 4 outputs. (maybe the D4 or the D5 will be ok !)

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