xbee digital switch

can anyone help me configure my xbee so that when i input 4 signals on the 17th-20th pin on the input module, i can get the same output on the same pin of the output module. i just need to conect it to an end device to gain wireless control. i need the atcommands for a wireless stepper motor driver control. thanks.

U can’t do it without a programmable unit or without a ConnectPort X model.

I think the OP is referring to I/O line passing, which the series 1 can do.

There’s a description in the product manual, and also in the cookbook (see pinned posts). The product manual is the authority but it might be helpful to read both descriptions to make sense of the idea.

Whether it works successfully will depend on the stepping speed you need. I don’t know what the limit is - once you get the setup working, try it with very low speeds and then increase the speed until you discover how fast it can go.