I/O Line Passing

I am using 3 x XB3-24, I have 1 programmed as a coordinator(my receiver) this will control 4 i/ps to an Arduino. I have the first Xbee programmed as End Device ( my transmitter) to Use D0 & D1 they toggle O/P D0 & D1 on Coordinator fine. My 2nd Xbee programmed same way but use D2 & D3 will not turn O/P’s on. i have changed IC to reflect changes, and also changed D2 & D3 to inputs

all modules have been upgraded to same firm ware
what am I missing?

thanks for any help.


The XBee is a 3V device. The IO lines support voltages of 1.25V to 2.5V based off of the AV command.

Yes, i understand that, I am using the xbee power to provide I/O power.
I am able to receive signals from one xbee and not the other. I have tested communications between all 3. Something missing cant find