xctu cli with raspberry pi ??


I have a headless Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. I connect to it via Ethernet. Is there a way of installing XCTU on a Raspberry Pi to get Command Line Access??

If not, is there a Linux app that is like XCTU?
I don’t need the full XCTU features.

I just need the basic functionality of reading/writing the config data as a minimum. Everything after that is a bonus.

There is no XCTU for Raspberry Pi but your use case sounds like you could use Digi’s XBee Python Library.


If you are looking at pure bash CLI to integrate into a script you would need to wrap the actions into a python script that you would call and have return whatever you need to the CLI.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT

I am already using Java (and not python) and since my first post, I found this:
It is a long way short of XCTU features, but it does just enough to be useful.

I don’t have anything against python, I just haven’t needed to use it.