XCTU discovering network broken on macOS?

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Hi bees,

I’m new to xbee-Environment and have 6 “XBee S2D SMT revA1” in front of me. I’m trying to do a network discovery with Zigbee Stack = 2 (ZS 2). When I’m trying a network discovery with Zigbee Stack 0 it seems to work, but in mode 2 (trying to communicate with Hue bulbs) I’m getting an error during discovery:

“Error discovering neighbors of xxxxxxxxxx:
Cannot find the the local device xxxxxxxxxx address.
Remove it from the Radio Modules on the left and add it again.”

I’m stuck at this point. Does someone else experience the same problem? (macOS 10.14.1). Everything else looks fine: serial communication, etc.

Thanks for your help

Hi Mo,
as far as I know, the XBee needs to connect to a network before you can start the discovery. My Arduino shield indicates the connection status with a LED. While disconnected it’s just on, while connected to a network it’s flashing.

I hope this helps.