XCTU + Network Working Mode (Digimesh / XBEE900HP): How does the scanning work ?

I have a question about XCTU and the “Network Working Mode”. I’m using XBEE-900-HP with DigiMesh.

In the Network Working Mode, it’s possible to launch a “Scan” and view the Mesh network and the relations between all nodes.

My questions are:

What is XCTU doing under the hood to construct the mesh network view ?
Is it using API mode ?
What frame types are used ?
At what frequency is the network scanned ?
Is there an equivalent AT command to request to scan the network (and update the routing table for all nodes) ?

Also, when I disconnect a node it seems to stay on the network view for ever.
Is there a way to make it disappear from the network view ? (Ex:after N minutes)


You can see exactly what the XBee is doing by putting the device into API mode (AP = 1), and then open the COM port in the serial console, and then run the network scan. You will be able to see all the commands that XCTU is sending to the XBee.

As for refreshing the network view, the only way to do so is to run another scan.