XCTU unable to set IO to DO Low

I have a XBee XB24-API-001 S1 module.

I am trying to get sleep current to 10uA or less.

I was told to set unused lines as Output Low and floating. I can’t see how they can be low and floating but I tried using XCTU to set them to DO Low[4]. When I click on XCTU
pen to write it, it looks like it did write it with no errors.
However when I press the refresh button it goes back to saying Disabled[0]. Can anyone explain this?

Is any one willing to email me a profile that is known to make the sleep current go to 10uA or less?


What board do you have the XBee modules mounted on that you are trying to write your settings with?

The XBee is plugged into a Sparkfun USB explorer.

XCTU requires you to use a board that has the DTR and RTS lines for you to Write settings to the module. The board you are using does not offer these lines.

Try using the terminal function and the AT command mode directly to write your settings. You should see it work that way.

Thanks, I have come in to this project quite late in the piece so I know nothing about the XBee. I’ll try to do a bit of reading and to understand what you’re talking about

Looking at my Sparkfun board it does have DTR and RTS connections. However looking at the signals on an oscilloscope shows that they just sit at 0V when trying to change IO settings.
Trying the AT commands I am also not successful. If I change one of the ones I have in the past I am successful but when I want to change say DIO 4 to Out low I type ATD44 and get ERROR back. It must be the XBee saying I have asked for an invalid option. Is there something else I am missing?

What firmware version are you working with?

To change the value, the following sequence should be used:

Firmware is 10ed
I have manage to set them to Out Low by making the XBee and end device and setting it wirelessly. I now have the low current I was looking for. I did a lot of bungling to get to that point. Hopefully I will be able to progress from here. Thanks