XCTU update server problem

Hello there,
I am using XCTU version 6.3.8 on Windows. Each time I open the software, the program tries to connect to update server 2 times and he fails showing the following error message:


Is it something with the installation or the servers are really unreachable? I would appreciate all help.

No that would be a install issue. Try removing the software, del the directory and then reinstall using the default options.

I reinstalled the software, the problem remains.

I stand corrected. Now that I look at the Error message it is clearly a timeout trying to access the servers. That is more of an issue with a firewall or antivirus or something of that nature blocking access to it.

I do not use any antivirus software. I have also added the XCTU application to the allowed connections list for private and public networks. It did not help. Do you know where else I can find some settings? Also, what is the server address? I could try to ping it.

That information is not public for a reason. You are going to need to talk to your IT department for this.

Do you have a firewall enabled? I have faced similar issues on my Kaspersky antivirus. It has firewall features that block such access. You can also try using a VPN service. You might not be getting the proper authentication.

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