XGA TFT with external LCD clock

Hi everybody, have anyone tried to get the ns9360 working with an external LCD clock? I want to drive a XGA panel on an ns9360 and could not setup the lcd controler correctly to use the external clock signal. I wonder if that is basically possible or if i setup the registers in the wrong way. If everyone have experienced with this toppic, please help. My register settings: NS_LCD_CONTROL Registers (as in the fsforth QVGA-driver) NS_LCD_TIMING_0 Registers HBP 160 HFP 24 HSW 135 PPL 63 NS_LCD_TIMING_1 Registers VBP 29 VFP 3 VSW 6 LPP (HEIGHT-1) CPL (WIDTH-1) BCD bit set (bypass des clock dividers) Clock configuration register: D09-D07 LCD Panel Clock select to 100 D05 LCC LCD Controler tested with 1 for Clock enabled and also with 0 for Clock disabled The timings are VESA standards so I think they are ok. Any hints? Thank you in advance, Dieter Kiermaier