XStream (X24-019), binary command + CTS.


I have a question about the XStream RF modem (X24-019) with firmware version 5000.

I am using the binary command mode of the modem to read and write the ATHP parameter (ATHP = RFchannel).

Binary commands :
Read : 0x91
Write: 0x11 xx yy (Ex 11 02 00 for channel 2)

I am able to use the commands but I need some clarifications about the CTS pin behavior.

From the documentation, I understood that the CTS pin will be high when the RF modem is sending some data response.

However, the CTS pin is also going high when I request to change the ATHP channel (write). What is the meaning of the CTS pin for command that doesn’t return a value ?

So, What is the meaning of the CTS pin during a write operation. For example, when I write 0x11 02 00, the CTS pin is sometimes going up after the second byte and sometimes after the whole command.

See attached screenshot for example.

In summary, I need clarifications about the CTS pin while using binary command mode.

Additionnal info: