I am using XBee xtend module and trying to connect it with PC using USB TTL module. i have done the following connection between FT232 module(USB TTL module) and Xtend module. As USB TTL module is having the USB connector for direct connection with PC.

Pin no. of Xbee Xtend module –> FT232 module(USB TTL module)

                      5(DINA)        --> TX         
                      2(Vcc)           --> 5V
                      1(Gnd)          --> Gnd
                      6(DOUTA)     --> RX

I have tried with XTCU software,as well as terminal sofwatre for detecting the Xtend module.i.e

+++ for communication establishment.(with 9600bps)

my problem is ,i am not getting any response for “+++” command in terminal software or with XCTU.

waiting for suggestion and solution.

Thanks in advanced.


  1. USB TTL module is working properly, as i have tested it for loop back connection separately.
  2. I have previously used low range and Pro module as well. and regular user of this modules in Robots.

What is the exact part number of the radio you are using?