Yet another MAC issue

My Connect-Me with JTAG reports its mac address, through the recovery application’s serial interface, as XX-XX-XX-00-00-00. The first three octets match the sticker, but the last three octets are zeroed out.

Connect ME-C JTAG
P/N 50000878-04 J
95010428 C

I haven’t overwritten the NVRAM, afaik. I’ve only installed the recovery application.

Is this a common occurrence?
Is there something I can do to avoid this problem?
Is there an easy way to restore the MAC?


I’ve seen MAC issues when you switch NETOS versions generally, sometimes they get lost in the changeover but usually they go to XX XX XX BA DB AD (“BADBAD”) and not zero. MAC issues have happened enough that I added code to my program to allow it to be reprogrammed via the customizeSetMACAddress() function (NETOS 7.0).