Can't program non-JTAG Modules

Hi All,

I’ve been developing an application on connect me. I based my application on the ESP tutorial project (NetOS 7.1), and soon got the FTP system up and running. During development, I have successfully used FTP to transfer changes. I have changed the BSP (to change the flash volume configuration and speed-up the boot process), so I transfer both the ROM.BIN file and the IMAGE.BIN file before rebooting the module. All worked very well.

The problem now is that if I program a non-jtag module with the same code using the RAM-based FTP host that comes preloaded, it stops talking altogether, and I assume can’t be recovered. The non-jtag modules in question are ConnectME-CF/W.

At the moment, my code reads the MAC address only from NVRAM. It has a fixed IP. The “production” units my customer has supplied are quite old… NetOS V6.0, but I assume that the MAC address is stored in the same place, and even if it were corrupt that this wouldn’t stop it working.

Any ideas please?