Yocto Project ADT doesn't appear when using Install a pre-built Digi Embedded Yocto toolchain


Based on the document : Digi Embedded Yocto 1.6
there are two ways to install Yocto Project ADT

You can install a standalone toolchain in one of two ways:
• Install the Application Development Toolkit (ADT) installer.
• Install a pre-built Digi Embedded Yocto toolchain.

when using Install a pre-built Digi Embedded Yocto toolchain,
Yocto Project ADT doesn’t appear
Windows > Preferences > Yocto Project ADT

the toolchain downloaded and run:

it is installed into /opt/dey/2.0-r5/ccimx6uksbc/sysroots

Any steps did I miss ?

Thank you,

you are mixing a lot of things together. You say
Based on the document : Digi Embedded Yocto 1.6
but then you mention toolchain from Digi Embedded Yocto 2.0.
And actualy 2.2 is out and that’s the one you should use. Now back to the topic. The toolchain has nothing to do with Yocto Project ADT eclipse plugin you are missing and that you need to install from eclipse.
The instructions are in Yocto documentation. Here is the link for Yocto 2.2:

10.3.2. Working Within Eclipse
the particular step you are looking for is descried here: Installing the Pre-built Plug-in from the Yocto Project Eclipse Update Site

To install the Neon Eclipse Yocto Plug-in from the update site, follow these steps:

Start up the Eclipse IDE.

In Eclipse, select “Install New Software” from the “Help” menu.

Click “Add…” in the “Work with:” area.

Enter http://downloads.yoctoproject.org/releases/eclipse-plugin/2.2/neon in the URL field and provide a meaningful name in the “Name” field.

Click “OK” to have the entry added to the “Work with:” drop-down list.

Select the entry for the plug-in from the “Work with:” drop-down list.

Check the boxes next to the following:

 Yocto Project SDK Plug-in
 Yocto Project Documentation plug-in

Complete the remaining software installation steps and then restart the Eclipse IDE to finish the installation of the plug-in.

You can click “OK” when prompted about installing software that contains unsigned content.