Zconsole with SUBFS


I’m using a BL4S100 with 512k flash. I have the following problem.

  1. I use subfs to store 2 files with application data;
    2)I use zconsole to set and store TCPIP info;

I getting problems with storing the TCPIP data (after reboot). It seems i ran out of reserved space in the usedID block.

I user DC 10.72A.

How can i increase de UserID block to make space for the TCPIP console backup.

Are you reserving space in the UserBlock for zconsole to store its data? From a running program, take a look at the value of con_backup_bytes() to see how much it will use at the start of the UserBlock. There doesn’t appear to be a way to calculate that value at compile-time.

You could calculate it at compile time based on how you’re defining your console_backup[] structure. You’d need to tally the sizeof() calculations from the .len member of each ConsoleBackup structure.

You need to set SUBFS_RESERVE_START to be at least that large, so zconsole doesn’t interfere with how SUBFS.LIB stores its data. My guess is that SUBFS.LIB overwrites the stored TCPIP data and that’s causing your errors.