How do I test the zConsole samples?

I am trying to add functionality to an application another developer has written for the 3300 (512K+512K SRAM, 512K Flash, 8Mb Serial Flash) in a prototype board, specifically adding user configurability to the final board. I’d like to look at the zconsole examples to see whether I can avoid re-inventing the wheel, but I cannot get any of them to run (9.62 or 9.25).

They all compile cleanly and download to the SBC test frame (which I know works, because I used it to create a better FTP client than the one supplied in the Samples/tcpip directory), but even with a breakpoint set on the very first line of executable code in main() I get an immediate termination (code=1) and the message “No flash available!” in my stdio window.

Any suggestions for how I’ve screwed this up?

I just had the same problem.

Open up \BIOS\Rabbitbios.c

look for the line:
#define XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE 0x0000L

and change it to
#define XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE 0x20000L

THis will reserve 128k on your 1st flash for the file system.

Look through the comments in the zconsole sample program for


  • Uncomment the following to use a filesystem in the first
  • flash (128Kb by default, but the minimum with XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE
  • in RABBITBIOS is taken–make sure XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE is set).


and uncomment the line above

The FS will use only as much as you reserve in rabbitbios.c so in this case only 128k will be used (I think)

This got me going anyway. Hope it helps

another way to do it:

#define XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE 0x8000L //32KB