zigbee broadcast

I want to put zigbee on my robots(adhoc network). they are all located in the same vicinity, hence they are all in range of each others.
I want to send data1 from robot1 to all other robots, and after that, send data2 from robot2 to all other robots. each robot has to receive data.

do you think that it is a good idea to broadcast the data, hence robot1 has to send data1 just once,since all other robots can hear it, instead of sending it one by one.
I am newbie in WSN and I dont know any other options. if there is any, please help me in it.

if yes, how I can implement it using Zigbbe?


I would not do this with a Zigbee Mesh network. I would suggest doing this with an 802.15.4 Peer to peer network if they are all in range of who ever is transmitting.