ZigBee vs. DigiMesh for added distance

Sorry if this is somewhere in the forums or knowledge base but I can’t find a satisfactory answer.

My project requires a control box with switches, into a microcontroller. This then goes into an XBee which is the ZigBee model. It sends a value determined by the state of the switches.

Other XBee modules receive this in broadcast mode to switch on output on the microcontroller they are connected to. This all works fine.

Where I’m not sure is, with a unit too far from the control, another one in between should relay the data as well as read it and use it itself - is this correct? That doesn’t seem to work as expected for me.

Would this be done better using a Digimesh version instead?
Thanks for any feedback you can give.

If you use Broadcast mode (DL0xFFFF), then the data would be sent out the uart of the Router as well as being forwarded on.

Both Digi Mesh and Zigbee would handle this the same way. It is just a matter of what the destination address is on the sending unit on how it works.

Thanks for the feedback.