Brodcasting other nodes information in mesh network

Hi all,

I am new to using Zigbee and networking, I tried implementing zigbee mesh network with xbee pro s2c modules using digimesh firmware in broadcast mode, and every node use to send its information to all other directly connected nodes. But my question is as follows:

As shown in the figure, How can every router here get the information from all other routers? Let’s say I want Router 8 information to be sent to all other routers. If I set router 8 in the broadcast mode, it can only send the information to the nearest router(Router 1), and Router 8 cannot able to send the information to Router 2 , Router 3, or any other router. My idea is that router 8 can send the information to directly connected nodes here to router 1; in the actual broadcast mode, router 1 can send only its(router1) information to all other directly connected nodes, but I want router 1 to send its information as well as router 8 information in broadcast mode to all other connected routers to router 1, since its receiving the information from router 8 and router 8 is not reachable to other routers except router 1. My aim is to have every router information should be available with all other routers, if they are connected directly using a direct transmission or use the saved information of other nodes and send other nodes information also along with sending its own node information to all other nodes if not connected by a direct link. How to achieve this. Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

zigbee_network.drawio (1)

What firmware version are you running on your XBee S2C modules?

Hi @mvut , I am running the latest DIGI Mesh firmware on my xbee s2c pro modules

Then you should only need to set the DL/DH to use the broadcast address and then set the BH and NH values.

lets take a simple Network with three xbee nodes A<–>B<–>C , here A is connected with B, and B is connected to C, and A and C are not directly connected, so usually, in a standard broadcast mode my router A can broadcast information to B and router B can broadcast its own information to router C. But my question here is , since router B can only broadcast its own information to router C, but router C requires both A and B information together, so is it possible for router B to not only broadcast B information but also send router A information to router C, once when B receives the A information. My goal here is C should have Both A and B information, and A should have B and C information i.e., every node can have other node’s information. I can set DH=0 and DL=FFFF and BH=0 and NH=7 but these settings just broadcast its own information right?

@Sand_tech I think you are confused as to what Mesh and Point to point/multi-point network are.

In your network configuration, the Mesh firmware in its default configuration will allow for Node A to send data to Node B and Node C as Node B will forward the data on. This will continue till the BH value has been reached or there are no more nodes in the network that have not received the data.

What does the BH value = 0 mean exactly? When I checked in the documentation, it mentioned BH= 0 is the maximum is that so?, or what would you recommend me to set the BH value for the above 3 node network? What if my node is outside the broadcast radius? I mean, in the above network A<–>B<–>C, I am assuming C is out of the broadcast radius with A and only B is within the broadcast radius to A. In this case, how can C get the packet of A message? And what does NH value exactly mean here, if my NH=7 let’s say that means, can the message from A hops from A to B and from B to C, or is this hopping also be done within A broadcast radius? Where I am missing or going wrong in understanding? My end goal is every node should have all other nodes broadcasted information even if they are not directly connected and even if the nodes are not within the broadcast radius.

The Max value for BH ix 0x20 (32 D).

The NH means for Unicast packets, the network will forward the data packet on till the the Network Hops value was met.

In both cases, the Hops mean the Number of times the data has to be re-transmitted to reach the destination node or till the value is reached.

In this case, where you only have the three modules, the number of hops would be 2.

The following article is for Zigbee Mesh but it is similar. XBee ZigBee Addressing | Digi International