ZigBee Network. Sleep tips needed!


I want to make a ZB network for 50 end-devices and 20 routers, each of them with their sleep modes activated.

But I found some problems with the configuration of sleep modes.

  • I know that router has to be ‘always’ awake to give end-devices support when they awake to send/receive data. But if I want to sleep the router to save energy, there are some issues to solve:

    1. How can I configure the router to sleep it to save enough battery?

    2. How much time does it have to be sleep to allow end-devices transmission whithout being disconnected (end-devices) from the network? (Because of being too far from the coordinator).

    3. I worked with the different sleep modes of the router chip, but I don’t have a right answer for this. Is there any way to awake router/end-device by sending a message from another node?? How could I do this??



ZigBee routers cannot sleep. There is no RF message which can wake sleping nodes, plus the XBee Zigbee clocks are not accurate enough to try and create synchronized sleeping.

Use DigiMesh for Xbee with sleeping routers. They require more power than ZigBee in part because they run more accurate clocks so all nodes can wake un schedule.

to activate from the sleep mode u have to send the signal to xbee so with other xbee u cant do that … u have to attach some microcontroller with it