ZigBee PAN ID Failover

If we have multiple coordinators each using their own PAN ID, can we setup the remote xbees in such a way that they switch to another coordinator after they lose communications from their PAN ID’s coordinator after some time?


Yes and no. By default, if you have not set a PAN ID, then if a sleeping end point looses communications with the network/parent, it will try a soft rejoin first. If it is not able to re-join its current PAN, it will perform a full join allowing it to join any network in range that is allowing joining.

This holds true with a Router also if the Network watchdog timer is enabled. It will wait 3 times the network watchdog before it tries to re-join a network or search for a new network.

That could work for us! I forgot each router can indeed have its own PAN ID, such as the special value 0 that would allow this behaviour we could possibly use for failover.

Thank you :+1: