XBee Rejoin Problem

Greetings all,

We have some problems with the rejoin of the XBee Pro S2 XBP24-Z7WIT.

We force a XBee Device to be unreachable from the network, we notice that, after 10 minutes, more or less, the XBee Device send a “Network leave” losing his PAN ID. After that message, we try to rejoin it, but it was not possible.

So, we made two actions on this matter, first one, we connected to the XBee Programmer, made a reset and made a permit join (on the coordinator), and the second was to remove from the board the XBee with power connected (and also made a permit join on the coordinator). In both situation, we were able to rejoin the XBee Device.

The question is, his possible to program the XBee so it can’t have this kind of behavior (does not lose the PAN ID after some time)? What is your analysis in this matter?

Perhaps you question isn’t clear, but if you force a fixed ID, then it won’t lose the PAN ID. If you leave it zero, then it will always (eventually) go out and join any PAN offered to it.

Sounds like your coordinator is also set to not allow new joining, which will be a problem anytime your force the joined devices to abandon the old PAN & seek new joining.

First of all, thank you very much for your replay lynnl, it is good to have new opinions on this matter :).

I already tried to force a fixed ID, but it didn’t work, also I can’t use that solution for the final version.

The coordinator allow new joining, that I can guarantee.

One thing I didn’t mentioned and it is relevant for this case is that I am using HA profile. Talking with Digi Support I’ve arrived to the point where they said that they won’t give support to HA profile :/.