Znet 2.5 to ZB

Can someone the differences between Znet 2.5 and XB

I have the Xbee ZNET 2.5 development kit and I want to know if I can use the Conversion kit to ZB and the advantages.

sorry for my english…

Look in the manual or in this site. If I remember correctly, ZNet and XBee-ZB modules are hardware compatible.
You only need to upload a new firmware using the X-CTU utility.
The difference is the Zigbee stack (different manufacturer): ZNet uses a proprietory stack, not fully Zigbee-compliant, while ZB “should” be fully Zigbee and Zigbee pro compliant


Migration of ZNet to Zigbee PDF link - http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/upgradingfromznettozb.pdf

The only difference between the Znet 2.5 and the ZB versions is the specific firmware and associated stack found it that code.

The Znet 2.5 uses a proprietary Zigbee Like stack from Ember where as the ZB versions use a certified Zigbee stack.

You can upgrade or migrate your old Znet 2.5 modules and related hardware to the current ZB function sets by following the Znet 2.5 to ZB migration document.