XBee ZB USB Adapter

Hi everyone,

I have already read a lot, that XBee ZNet 2.5 and ZB do not differ in hardware but in firmware. I have a couple of Xbee Pros ZNet 2.5 which I want to connect to a PC (all AT mode). I have searched for a special ZNet 2.5 USB adapter but couldn’t find anything except this Digi “XBee-PRO ZB USB adapter” (XA-Z14-CE1P-W).
Now the question is: can I downgrade this adapter to ZNet 2.5 so that i can connect it to my XBees? I don’t wanna upgrade them because it has turned out that the range in my environment is better with ZNet 2.5 than ZB (but i don’t know why!?).

Thanks in advance

ZNet is no longer supported by digi. It is not advisable to use ZNet.