2 COM Port devices connect through 2 Port Server TS8 Problem

I have 2 COM devices and 2 Port Server TS8 that link the device through the network. The problem is I can’t send or receive data on my COM devices. I already attached the detail of my problem & setting. If anyone have an idea or suggest, please let me know. Thank you (Benz - CPS Developer)

I looked over your configurations. In both cases you have both ends of the socket tunnel “automatically establish TCP connections…” set to “always”. What this will create is a condition where both Portserver ports are trying to connect to the other Portserver’s port, but are going to be blocked by the outgoing connection of the Portserver its trying to connect to.

One way to go about doing this would be to set one side to always create the tunnel (whichever side you want to “bring up” the communications, which is acting as TCP client), and the other side has the box unchecked (acting as TCP server). The other way would be to set it up peer-to-peer, but have the connection launched by presence of carrier/DCD. Of course the latter method assumes you’d have a fully pinned cable rather than a 3-wire.

Thank you for you help. I will follow by your suggestion.