DigiPort TS connect RAW via putty returns connection refused!

Hi - I am trying to follow the provided document to configure and test serial tunneling between two Digi PortServer TS 1 MEI devices…

When I try to connect to the device via Putty in RAW mode at port 2101 - as indicated in the documentation - I get “connection refused”

In the config, Network Security is “Normal”, Port Security is set to “allow network access” without requiring a login.

I can see on the “server” end - that device one has successfully AUTOCONNECTED to the “server” device.

I also cannot seem to connect to the COM port as indicated in the documentation to attempt to see serial communications happening as I always get “unable to open serial port” - although it shows up in device manager correctly…

I cannot figure out why I cannot do either of these things indicated in the documentation ?

Are you connecting to the COM port from the server using a crossover (null-modem) cable?

Why are you trying to connect to port 2101? In tunnel mode, the socket is automatically established and will likely block additional connection attempts.

The following configuration video might be helpful:


If you need to connect to the 2101 socket, you should not be building a tunnel/bridge and simply configure the port as TCP Sockets without autoconnect.

I was only trying to do that because the Digi document said that I should be able to !

Can you explain how I should be able to test/watch actual serial communications from one end to the other ?

I have a computer with serial port on each end and was expecting I should be able to use Putty or similar to connect to COM1 and send/see text data in terminal