local connection to a DIGI portserver

Dear all,
for testing purposes I need to connect a DIGI PortServer TS2 locally to my laptop. I mean: no Internet, just a direct cable connection to the DIGI. I just connected the DIGI to the laptop with a cross cable ( http://radiospares-fr.rs-online.com/web/search/searchBrowseAction.html?method=searchProducts&searchTerm=4055391&x=0&y=0 )and ran the setup cd, listing the device by its MAC address. I got no error during the installation but I just can not open the serial ports, so something must be wrong. Is there a standard procedure to do this connection?
INFN Torino

How are you trying to connect to the serial ports (TCP connection, RealPort, Serial Tunnel, Reverse SSH,
Reverse Telnet, Autoconnect, etc…)?

Also, what serial cabling is being used?

I guess it’s TCP since when running the installation CD I saw a “TCP port 771” among the default settings. Anyway, the application I used to try and establish the connection is just a qbasic routine trying to open a standard serial port (with appropriate COM number) and send strings through it, as it would do wiht the standard COM port of the PC.

Maybe I should just configure the device to work as a serial port: when the DIGI is online, this is done by connecting to the IP address of the device but how do I do access the settings when the connection is local so I have no IP to connect to?

Also, what do you mean by serial cabling? I haven’t tried to connect to any serial device yet, my problem is to have my pc “see” the DIGI when connecting it with an Ethernet cable.


Possibly you have yor laptop set to use DHCP and now it only have the auto ip address. If this is the case, temporarily assign a static IP address to your laptop.

Another possiblity is that something on your laptop is probably blocking the utililty from accessing the network/ethernet.
If you are using Windows, do you have any type of software firewall installed?
If yes you may wish to disable it, or, please see this link for what the ADDP protocol uses to locate the Dig units:
Also, the RealPort driver uses port 771.

You may wish to try using the Digi Discovery utility from our web site. You can get it here:


If you are not using Windows, change the OS field and select your OS.