Digi serial port to serial port connection

We have an existing digiport TS 16 that is connected via point to point ethernet to a Sco SysV server with a ethernet cross cable. Another server (Supercontroller) sends instructions to the Sco server via a serial link that connects from the Supercontroller’s serial port to port 8 on the digi port server.

We would like to add a second server (South) that communicates with the Sco SysV server thru the existing digiport server. Any suggestions?

We have a second digi port server that is connected to the second server, South, via ethernet.

I was thinking that i’d like to make a digi port serial to digi port serial connection from the new to the old digi port server. What cabling and settings would you recommend for this to succeed. I am sorry if this is unclear. Maybe the PDF attached my clear things up abit.