convert ethernet back to serial


I am completely new to DigiConnect products, so please forgive me if this is described already somewhere…

We have a DigiConnect ES 4 port serial server with some serial inputs connected.
We also have some ethernet ports connected, to other port servers…

My question: is it possible to use another free ethernet port and have this signal converted back to RS232? What device do I need, and how do I configure that device and the DigiConnect ES?
This additional port should be read-only…

Best regards,
Koen Janssens

If I understand your request, it sounds like you need a TCP socket to a serial port of the unit. In this case, you would point the ethernet connection to the IP address of the Digi unit, along with the TCP port number, i.e. 2001 is the TCP port for port number one, while 2101 is the raw TCP port number.

On the Digi Connect ES unit, you will want to configure the serial port profile to TCP Sockets (in server mode).