Connect a port Digiport emulated on a PC with a port emulated on the same Digiport on a server.

Is possible or not ?
I want connect with a RJ45 cable for example the port number 8 with the port number 4.
My PC send information on the port 8 emulated and the server receipt on the port 4 and I make a bridge between the port number 4 and the port number 8 directly on digiport.
Thanks for your answer.
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Sounds like you want a serial bridge between the two ports. The following video outlines this configuration, where you will simply configure the ports on the same unit:

From the Command line:

#> set port ra=4 auto=on dest=(IP_of_portserver) dport=2108 dev=term

#> set port ra=8 dev=prn

A reboot should be done for the change to take effect:

#> boot action=reset