8 ports PCI Classic Board question


  1. I need to know what the exactly I/O address takes each COM port on a board.
    WinXP “Resourses” shows just the I/O address range/IRQ for the whole board (actually I have 2 of them in my XP machine).
  2. Can I somehow change the IRQ for the ports. In my case I need
    to have IRQ#5 for the all the ports on a board (and as I could find on my PC the IRQ#5 not in use)

On some reason The “Resourses” option not active for the Board,
so I can not uncheck “Automatic” box to be able to set all the options
(I/O range and IRQ) manually.



Sorry, you will not be able to obtain these settings or modify them.
You can only get and set the individual settings for the ISA version of the adapter.
When using the PCI version, at least in Windows, you must write the application to Microsoft’s 32 bit API so that your application opens the COM #.
As far as I know, there is no way around this.

Thanks a lot!
I have PCI card.
Actually I even don’t have to change them. The only I need to know what the I/O address for each port.
I run a special program which is “listening” each port. I had 2 identical PCs with the same Digiboard cards (The first is the Primary, second is the Backup PC), so the com ports on both of hem had the same addresses, now one of the PC is dead, I have to build another one - I don’t have the same mother board and that is why all the I/O addresses on both PCs now are different. The program “doesn’t care” what the actual port #, the only thing it needs - the I/O address to listen…
So my question - how can I find out it?
Thanks again!

I believe you’ll find this info in the DDK document found under the Classicboard PCI on our Support site. For your convenience, here is a link:


You can. See which port goes to which comm and change it as well. Open device manager
Find multi-port serial adapters
Right click on DIGI Classic board
Select properties
Click on advanced tab