Acceleport Xem.. IRQ assignment

guys, does acceleport xem assign IRQs / I/O addresses for each COM port created?.. can you tell me how to get them.

I’m not sure whether you have an ISA or PCI host adapter card since it wasn’t specified. Typically the card will use one IRQ, that being whichever is assigned by the server’s BIOS when the card is installed.

For info on hardware contention issues such as IRQs and how to resolve them, please refer to the following articles:

ok thanks…

however, i need the hardware assignments because im testing a DOS application and it only recognizes COM ports 1 and 2. i want to utilize the higher ports created by my Digi. i will be able to tweak into it if only i knew the hardware assignments given to the COM ports created by my Acceleport PCI Xem…

wish you can help me on this.

It sounds like you need a different product for that type of configuration. I’d recommend the Classicboard or PC/X product. Both of those products have addressing per port, the Xem product does not.

Here are links to the driver development kit for the ISA and PCI Classicboard, and a manual describing the addressing of the PC/X (available in ISA only):

If you go with the Classicboard PCI, you’ll want to use it in I/O Mapped mode to get the type of addressing you desire. This addressing is found on page 10 of the first link.

thank you very much!

i think we still have few of those boards.