About the frames

Hello, I have a couple of questions about the API frames. I’m reading the guide.

Frame 0x08 / 0x17 (Remote) AT Command Request
The Command parameter is shown as one single byte. Is this a variable-size field, isn’t it? The AT parameters may have a length up to 20 bytes (e.g. NI, DN)

Frame 0x09: AT Command - Queue Parameter Value
The guide says: “This API type allows module parameters to be queried or set.” but doesn’t indicate how many parameters can be queried!

I’m not sure how to use the frameID field. I know what is its purpose but I’m unsure if it’s useful to bring up its value to the application level or just use it as an internal check in the communication library.

Any advice is welcomed!


Hi marcotrapanese

I guess you are confused between ‘AT Cmd’ and ‘AT CmdData’

Say, if you want to set a node identifier NI=‘node1’. Then your ‘AT Cmd’ parameter will be ‘NI’ , which is a single byte. And ‘AT CmdData’ will be ‘node1’ , which can be of variable length.

The only difference between 0x08 and 0x09 frame type is that for 0x08 command, changes are applied immidiatly while in 0x09 changes are only queued and not applied.

They are applied only when:
1.Either you send a 0x08 frame after it
2. Or if you send an ‘Apply Changes AP’ command in 0x09 frame.

‘Frame ID’ is only an identifier number for every packet. Its used to enable the tx-status response.

You can provide different Frame IDs to every API packet and this helps you in distinguishing and identifying the responses w.r.t. to their requesting packets.