About the Interference between two 24XStream modems

One of our customers has spread a radiolink at 2.4Ghz using a 24XStream module, and he wants to spread another radiolink at 2.4Ghz using another 24XStream modem and, exactly in the same area. So, he is scared about the possibility of interference between the two radiolinks. Are they going to interfere each other. In this case, is there any configuration option to avoid the interference?

The 24XStream is a frequency hopping radio that transmits across 25 frequencies. A second pair of radios introduced into the area would be using the same 25 frequencies but in a different sequence (use different channel parameter). When no data is sent from the application to the uart of the radio then the radios are quiet (unlike some master-slave set ups). If both pair were to be transmitting a non-stop stream of data, then it reasons that 1 of every 25 data packets sent may collide. If acknowledgment mode is used (RR parameter) then that packet would be resent on a different channel so the application would see no data lost. Each retry will take bandwidth so if both applications are streaming data it would be necessary that the interface baud rate be correspondingly less than the over-the-air baud rates of 9600 or 19200. Otherwise a buffer overrun could occur.

Thanks very much for your answer, Jay. It’s very clear.