Problem XStream transfer losing bytes?

I have two sets:
Xstream-PKG-R ™ RS-232/485 RF Modem ___ 900 MHz & 2.4 GHz Stand-alone RF Modems by MaxStream, Inc…
built into a simple application.

I use the first set to transmit bytes from laptop to the my_device and
I use the second set to receive bytes on the laptop from my_device.

My_device is microcontroller’s device and I programmed EUSART tramsmit / receive on it.

Transfer (transmit / receive) laptop <—> my_device works, but there are bytes that are lost from time to time.

Can I doubt the Xstream or do I have to check EUSART on the PIC18F microcontroller that I programmed on the my_device?

Clearly, whether the manufacturer XStream guarantees the accurate transfer of bytes?

Is there a possibility of losing bytes in the transfer of Xstream’s fault?


If I’m reading your post correctly, you are saying that transmitting data from your laptop, through your Xstream, you are losing bytes of data occasionally. Correct? Also, does that mean you have an Xstream radio attached to your microcontroller too?

It might help if you post your configuration file for the Xstream radios.

What’s the environment like? what kind of signal strength do each of them get? are they line of sight? If you put them close together in a lab, does the problem go away?

You understood my problem very well.
Your questions are helpful to me and I will look for answers.