Broken XStream?

I have two XStreams (2.4 ghz, 19200baud, commercial) built into a simple application.

At first they worked fine. But after a pause in the project where they just stayed in a drawer the whole time, one (or both) seeems to be broken.

I have done this test:
Both XStreams are attached to a COMport each. I open two X-CTU-terminals and chat with myself between them. In one direction it works fine. But in the other only about 10% of the bytes arrive.

The send-diod blinks, but the recive ones does not. That tells me the problem lies in the modules and not in the connections with the PC.

Has anyone encountered this before? Is there something that can be done? Do I have to buy a new one and replace the broken one? (And I don’t wich one that is yet.) Or do I need two new ones?


I figgured it out myself. The problem was the powersupply. It had enough energy to send out a few bytes.