Digi XStream Module-cannot enter into Command Mode

we are using the below mentioned Digi XStream RF module

Part No:- X24-019NSI-RevB
Quantity:-2 No’s
Description:- 24XStream, 2.4GHz, 19200 Baud.

Among the two modules we have, one of the module is not working. The problem is when we try to enter into the Command Mode by issuing +++, it is sending in response, but the expected response is OK.

We tested with all possibilities(with different Baud-Rates, with and without Hand-Shaking, with old and new XCTU). But no use.

What might be the issue?

Either a baud rate or parity miss match. Try using the Restore function in XCTU to restore the radio to factory defaults. Also if you are using an XIB board, make sure that the switches are set for 1 on and the rest off.

It worked well after restoring the firmware.