XB24-ZB unable to connect in X-CTU but terminal program works fine

I am unable to connect to XB24-ZB (F/W 22A7) modules using X-CTU 6.1.2 Build ID: 20140916-3.
BUT I can connect fine with the modules using a PC terminal program or the old X-CTU program.
The modules have baud rate =19,200

Discover Radio Modules->There is a burst of TX/RX activity but reports “Could not any device in port COM4> Error initializing XBee device parameters > Connection Timeout.”

Intermittently, restarting X-CTU, Add Devices and the module appears, some settings read but X-CTU hangs on “Reading radio module settings, Entering command mode”

Add a Radio Module hangs on “Checking if the device is reprogrammable…” and “Action is Required, reset your module” but this has no effect.

Please advise. The modules work in everything except X-CTU 6.1.2


I rolled back to the old X-CTU ( and comms work fine to configure the modules.

With the new X-CTU (6.1.2) program, I cannot communicate with the xBee modules. This is because they are configured for 19.2K and even though I select that baud rate, comms don’t work.

Using old X-CTU, I tried setting the modules’ baud rate back to 9,600 and the new x-CTU works.

Lots of hassle and I can see why Zigbee is failing to catch on, after all these years. Overcomplicated and buggy.

“Overcomplicated and buggy.” +1. Also rather expensive, and constrained given today’s technology.
I had an S3B (PRO HP) that I needed to reset. The Digi website stated that the programmable devices had a special process required to reset and to contact Tech support but that link leads to the case management site where you have to pay $35 for help.