X-CTU XB ZB firmware Issue

The issue I have with my module are the following:

  • when trying to “Test / Query” Modem, the result is as on the screen capture
  • when I am in the terminal, I can send AT commands as ATBD for example but I don’t get the response
  • I can’t read the firmware: either X-CTU tells me it can’t open COM port, either it crashes.
  • When I try to write a new firmware, it says it can’t access the COM port

I suppose it is a firmware issue but I don’t see how I can modify it. Someone as an idea?


Windows 7
XBee Pro S2B
Baudrate: 9600

When it says unable to open the COM port, than two reasons can cause this problem.

  1. Either module through break out board is not connected to the PC COM port or there is loose connection in cable.

  2. Break out board on which XBee module is mounted has stopped working.

I too am having this problem. There are also several folks on other forums posting (today) the same issue. I am running on Windows 7 using compatibility mode and have been using X-CTU successfully for many months. I suspect it’s a windows update that is causing the problem. No proof yet. I will post back if I find a solution.

FYI - My chips are

I was able to get my chip to “un-brick” by unplugging it from my XBee explorer (sparkfun) and plugging it back in. I can now write and configure any AT function set, but cannot set PAN ID or any “AT” settings in any API function set. (Yes I have the “Enable API” selections properly configured)

I found that switching up the function set occasionally got me past some communications issues. (i.e. update to Router AT, then Coordinator API) This isn’t working here.

I’m stuck with the following message now: Lost communication with modem
Time out reading AT command. Stopping read parameters.
Read parameters…Failed.

I think it’s about time for Digi to release an update to X-CTU. Version was released in 2008! Jokers…



I hacked(too strong a word) the Digi ftp server and found they released a new version around this time last year.

Version can be found here:


After installing it (uninstall old version first) my problems are gone.

I hope this helps y’all too.