RF modem not responding

Hai ,
I am using 24Xstream rf module (X24-009 ver 42B5) which is connected to the uart port of my pic microcontroller.
I’ve unintentionally changed the configuration of RF module. So it stopped responding. After that I’ve restore the modem to defaults using AT commands and was correctly responding.
Then,I powered the modem OFF and made it ON after a few hours. Now the module is not responding to AT commands.

I think I’ve to restore the default settings of the modem. But the only option, I found is,

  1. Using ATRE command (but modem is not reponding to AT commands)

  2. Using X-CTU software’s restore defaults button.(This also not working, I’ve followed the instructions and made CONFIG pin low on power-up,but its not helping)

Is there any other option to do this? Please help me? [:(]

I’ve done it through some programming using these steps.
1)Power off the module
2)De-assert the CONFIG pin of the module
3)Immediately send ATRE (restore defaults) and ATWR (write to non volatile memory) commands, while powering the module ON.
(i.e, before the module sends something, I should send commands to module)

Thank you for your support