AccelePort 16em CTS differs from Windows ports

When Windows 2000 starts, AccelePort 16em ports are set to CTS ON, while other Windows ports are set to CTS OFF.
I have a Windows 2000 SERVICE that doesn’t work with Digi because it opens the port WHEN WINDOWS STARTS without setting the CTS to OFF.
Can the AccelePort 16em Driver be updated to start with CTS OFF?
Can I configure CTS OFF before the Windows 2000 SERVICE application loads? (I repeat - BEFORE A SERVICE)

The CTS signal is an INPUT to a Digi serial port since we’re a DTE device. That signal will either be coming from the device plugged into the Digi serial port, or possibly its shorted to some other signal in the cable that is high when the port opens (RTS for example).

Either way, its an input to a Digi serial port, so we have no control over it.