Acceleport Ras 8 and Windows XP SP2


Im hoping someone out there knows the solution to my problem.

I currently have the acceleport ras 8 installed as multi serial card. Im using the latest firmware and drivers available hoping this would get the problem.

I currently have a hunting group setup to accept incoming calls and route as necessary. However every now and then Line 1 on the card will lock up and and this stops the routing of calls until the machine is rebooted.

I also cant install the monitoring tools on xp. Error message says wrong operating system even though i downloaded most recent off website.

Im need to fix this problem as soon as possible. I’ve tried rebuilding machines and resinatlling all the software and the line still hangs. I’ve exhausted every avenue which is why im posting this hoping someone can help.

What is happening is that while the modem is being reset from the previous call, a new call comes in through your hunt group into the same modem. IF the modem has had sufficient time to reset, the new call will be answered. If the new call was routed to the modem during its reset, it can get into a state where it will not answer any new calls until the PC has rebooted.
Your hunt group appears to be configured to have each call routed to the first modem line. If that line is busy, the next call will be routed to the next phone line. This configuration will maximize the chances that the problem will occur.
The best current solution is to get the hunt group configuration modified so that the calls are evenly distributed among each phone line in the group. This configuration minimizes the chance of the problem occurring.
Attempts to date to resolve this issue through a new firmware version have not been completely successful, so changing the hunt group configuration remains the best solution.