AcceleportXR PCI8 in Dell PowerEdge1750

I am looking to use the AcceleportXR PCI 8 P No. 70001200
in a Dell PowerEdge1750.

The Support Specialists I am working with are concerned that the card may not work with the 64-bit PCI bus in the poweredge, and also that the wrong voltages could blow up either or both.

The card says it copes with 3.3 or 5v systems, is this correct? The Dell site says that this Poweredge has “two 3.3-V, 64-bit, 133-MHz PCI-X slots”.

Can you shed any light on whether the card should work in this Server?

Many Thanks,


Russell Edson

Digi adapters run at a bus speed of 33 MHz. Digi adapters can be used in the 64 bit PCI slots which have a 66 MHz bus speed, however, all adapters on that PCI bus will operate at 33 MHz rather than 66 MHz.

With that being said, it is recommended you use your Digi PCI adapters in the 33 MHz PCI slot so that the system’s performance is not impeded.