which driver for this card with series number A67 21979?

The dell pc system is win2k server. I saw the s/n in the card.

That card is an Acceleport 8e ISA. Try this driver:

Please refer to the driver release notes at that link for install instructions.

Hi, thanks.
Actually, I have installed the driver dowloaded from here,

I want to use it to connect to sevral modems,
actually can connect to 8 modems.
after install, I can see the 8 COM ports are existed in the hardware management. But the modem can’t work. Actually when I use the standard COM1 embeded in PC, the modem can work.
What could be the problem in here?

In this installation guide,said,
15. This is where we set the I/O address for your adapter. This is set PHYSICALLY on the card with dip switches, please double check
and make sure the value used in the driver matches the dip switches set on the physical board. Click OK when finished.

I do see there is 4 witches in the card, but how to set physically the switches and check the values, which should match?

Here are the dip switch setting definitions:


Installation tip: